Kamis, 04 Desember 2014

nose pads for glasses

For those who wear eyeglasses, having it slide down continuously will be very annoying because we have to push it back where it belongs again and again. That’s why, the help of nose pads for glasses is very useful because it will help the glasses to stay where it belongs so that we won’t get annoyed by it sliding down so many times.

Nose pads for glasses itself have many different kinds of materials. One of them is adhesive nose pads. This nose pads will go well with those plastic glasses. Adhesive nose pads bend and flex so that they conform to the shape of the plastic frame. Also, the use of adhesive silicone nose pads and foam nose pad replacements is an inexpensive way to keep eyeglasses clean, fresh, and comfortable.

Another nose pads for glasses comes from silicone. Made of soft silicone material and made use of advanced technology the silicone nose pads for glasses will feature non-slip comfort when worn, not easy to yellow, better durability and corrosion resistance with easy yellow color. The example of this silicone node pads for glasses has thickness dimensions for the 2.5MM (A model) for it has the best non-slip and the booster effect, but also the most widely used. This silicone nose pads for glasses are also applicable to all types of sheet metal optical frames, sheet metal sunglasses, plastic frame, TR90 frames.

One good feature from nose pads for glasses is that it can come with any color you want. Silicone adhesive nose pads for plastic frames are available in either clear or solid black, while foam stick-on nose pads are available in either dark chocolate or pink colors. Clear stick on nose pads may be used on virtually any color frame, while black nose pads are often used with plastic eyeglass frames and sunglasses that are dark in color.